Tupalo’s Kanban Board

Tupalo’s Kanban Board

Tupalo, a website that lets users submit reviews for restaurants and shopping, was going through rapid growth in 2010. The developers were having difficulty keeping up with internal and external requests for functionality.  Their solution was to implement a Kanban board which was tremendously successful, and according to zapier.com, they still use today.

A Kanban board is a visual tool which helps everyone easily understand where projects are in the pipeline, priorities, and who is responsible.

It can be as simple as three columns To Do, Doing, and Done.  You can then add indicators for priority such as the color of the task, or for accountability such as a small picture icon of the person responsible.  Be creative and add other indicators to your board which suit your needs.

The idea of Kanban was initially to manage workflow and ensure that there were not too many items in process at once.  The board helps to manage that and also alleviates the stress and frustration of not knowing who is doing what.

Read the full article at zapier.com.

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