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This intensive 1-day class is led by a live instructor via hi-def virtual classroom using GoToMeeting (teleconference and internet). At GAQP, we believe live instruction with interaction and Q&A is the best way to learn.

This class is beneficial for any quality professional but is targeted to Quality Managers. It is required for those seeking certification in the GAQP Certified Quality Manager program for any of the three levels, CAQM, CQM, or CSQM.

Participants are evaluated throughout the day to ensure engagement, understanding of the material, and that their qualifications are consistent with the level of certification they are seeking.

The course is divided into 9 modules:

  1. The Quality Management System – Defining the components of a QMS; what makes an effective QMS; what QMS is right for your organization; how you can improve your QMS
  2. Monitoring Quality – Sampling; collecting and analyzing data effectively
  3. Quality Basics – An overview of the quality basics such as ISO, Six Sigma, Lean, and 5S; evaluating which methodologies could be beneficial to your organization
  4. Quality Toolkit – A review of tools used by quality professionals such as flow charts, and turtle diagrams; core skills like setting quality objectives and performing internal audits; basic skills for understanding an organization and its operating environment; use of specific tools like SWOT, PEST, and 5 Forces
  5. The Customer Experience – Looking at your organization from the customer’s perspective, seeing the customer experience, and managing to the voice of the customer
  6. Leadership – Effectively managing people and teams; influencing indirect reports; creating awareness, creating a quality culture; developing buy-in
  7. Working with Auditors – Managing relationships with auditors; working effectively with auditors; getting the most from your audit
  8. Professionalism and Ethics – Understanding the importance of quality; professional ethics; enhancing the reputation of the quality profession
  9. GAQP Requirements – Administrative details such as maintaining your GAQP certification and proper use of the title

Course Time: 9am-5pm EST with 15-minute breaks in the morning and afternoon and a 30-minute lunch break

Delivery Method: Live instructor, virtual classroom (via teleconference and web)

Pre-requisites: None

Materials: All materials included with the cost of the class

Pre-work: None


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