The Benefits of Certification

Increase your earning potential with a professional certification. The Certified Internal Quality Auditor (CIQA) program helps all quality professionals who perform quality audits to increase their ability to perform successful audits and their knowledge of auditing, gain recognition for their accomplishments, and enhance their career prospects and earning potential. It also helps advance their skills and expertise with various classes and seminars, and other learning opportunities.

How to Become Certified

To become certified, candidates must provide proof of qualifications, sign an ethics pledge, and take an intensive 8-hour certification training course. Refer to the CIQA course listings on the Training & Events page to see the topics covered. There are 3 easy steps to certification:

  1. Pre-Apply – Click the button at the bottom of this page and submit the pre-application form. GAQP will determine whether your qualifications meet the minimum requirements (listed below) and contact you within 2 business days. There is no charge or obligation to pre-apply.
  2. Pay the Application & Certification fee and provide any requested supporting documentation.
  3. Train – Complete the required training which is offered monthly via virtual classroom (online) with a live instructor.  See upcoming classes on the Training & Events page. Upon completion of the 8-hour training your certification will become active immediately.  You will receive a certificate and may begin using the appropriate designation in your professional title.